Multi-client enterprise CMS for the Zollikerberg hospital and the establishments of the Diakoniewerk Neumüster.

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Modern hospital for Zurich

The Zollikerberg hospital, as a hospital with a public service mission, contributes to optimal medical care in the greater Zurich area. The hospital treats all patients, regardless of their insurance class, with great care and according to the highest quality criteria. The Zollikerberg hospital is run by the Stiftung Diakoniewerk Neumünster.

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Initial situation

The Zollikerberg hospital needs a modern enterprise-grade Content Management System (CMS) for the administration of the hospital websites. Certain contents should be accessible via several websites of the Diakoniwerke Neumünster. The administration of the CMS contents should be as simple as possible, and should be entered and edited directly on the pages (in-place editing). The CMS system should also allow the administration and presentation of a directory with all hospital physicians, as well as the administration of publication lists for each physician. A search index across all content allows the visitor to quickly find relevant information.

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ditoy relies on its own CMS system “i4”. This CMS is now mature and already available in its fourth generation. ditoy’s own CMS differs primarily in the ease of use and ease with which content can be entered. After login, authorized employees from the communication department of the hospital can navigate through the website and edit the content directly on the pages (in-place editing) or add new content elements.

A single CMS installation simultaneously serves seven websites of the Diakoniewerk, whereby certain content is used across several of the websites. The solution was supplemented with individual software development: a job module, a directory of physicians, a baby gallery with the newborns, and publication lists. These individually developed modules are seamlessly integrated into the i4 CMS installation.

The design and the content concept were developed by our friends from Lenzburg: Neuzeichen AG.

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Our services

  • ditoy CMS
  • enterprise-grade, multi-client CMS installation
  • software development of custom CMS plug-ins
  • implementation of SEO measures
  • analytics with Matomo / Piwik